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Haik was born in Virginia into a family of Professional photographers and classically trained musicians.  It would be just a matter of time before Haik would uncover his talent for putting music to pictures.

Beginning at age 5, Haik showed a unique talent to play instruments by ear starting with the clarinet.  By age 15 he had played along with legends Chuck Mangione and Benny Goodman.  At age 17, Haik had taught himself piano and within several months was playing at Embassies, Shopping Malls and various venues in DC.  His piano compositions have been performed in recitals as far away as Uruguay.  Haik has also toured as a front man for several bands including DC based Alternative band “Swami” in which he was lead singer/songwriter.  At age 18, Haik’s strong eye and passion for movies led him to study Film and cinematography at James Madison University.  It wasn’t until age 20, when Haik was mentored by New Age Piano Icon George Winston, that Haik was drawn to the powerful imagery that music can create and began to focus his energies on film scoring.  Haik was awarded a Sound internship with the Academy of TV Arts and Sciences in Burbank, CA.  Becoming well versed in the mechanics of sound for picture as well as sound design.

"I have worked both as a composer and as a cinematographer, so I can understand the language of imagery and emotions."  With Haik's trained eye as well as his well-honed ear,  Haik is able to easily bridge images into music.  Haik says that "my job is like that of a translator, I work closely with the director to tap into what the film is trying to convey and translate that into something that goes right into your core... music." 

Haik currently plays the Piano, Guitar, Duduk, Clarinet, & Drums. Haik composes and records out of his home studio in Arlington, VA.

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Haik Naltchayan - Composer

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